Redesign Sportswear to Motivate your Team to Win

Redesign Sportswear to Motivate your Team to Win

Redesigning sports uniforms is not new these days. Most of the time, we used to hear this news that there is a change in uniform on any particular game. And soon after there will be a lot of speculations being raised that sometimes players were not happy or comfortable with the fabric of the uniform or sometimes the jersey colour seems not lucky for the game. The organization were so desperate about the game that sometimes they did change the colour of the sports uniform because they think that their opponent team has stronger colour than they have. And so it might affect the game of their team psychologically. Redesigning sports uniforms these days is not anymore a big scoop, but whenever it happens, it creates a big buzz in the market.

Tips on how you’re Sports Uniform Redesign can win more matches for your team.


Uniform material

It is essential to wear a cool and comfy uniform while playing, especially when it is an outdoor game. While making a sports uniform, everything can be looked at by the designers. But sometimes they focus only on the jersey’s designs rather than the fabric of the uniform. Generally, sports uniforms were made up of cotton, polyester, or a blend of both material, and other types of cloth depending upon the dress they have to wear for outdoor or indoor games. But eventually, when sometimes companies do not focus on the fabric that becomes the essential need to make remake the uniform. Because without feeling comfortable, one player cannot give their best at the ground.


Jersey colour

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Colour has been considered as one of the mediums to influence human mood, emotions, and hostility, as well as the significance, to acknowledge individually or in the team in competitive games. These colours play a vital role psychologically and thus create a strong emotional feeling. For example, Red is one of the dark and most powerful colours, which is masculine that brace and raise the pulse while also carrying with it negative links to defiance and assault. On the other hand, blue is the colour of the mind that assesses efficiency, logic, comfort, and coolness. Sometimes if the team does not play well, then their team leader changes the colour as they found the colour not anymore lucky for the team. And sometimes if one team losses a match again and again, then their team authority concluded to change the jersey colour of their team. Because they thought that their rival team has a more impactful jersey rather than them. And somehow it affecting their team players. Thus how it becomes the reason to redesign the jersey.


Sports jersey prevents injury

Every sport has some specific uniform. These uniforms have been made to not only recognize but also to protect the player from any unwanted incidents. Generally, people focus more on sports logos and design rather than on safety purposes. And this reason raises the demand to redesign the sports jersey according to safety purposes as well. There is a full package of sports uniform where right from the exact logo designs to safety kit, everything has been given to the players. They made it with good quality fabric which does not harm the player during the play. In any case, one team wants to represent itself at best on the ground even more than their rival team. Anyhow they didn’t want to lose the game with the opponent team.


Lucky Jersey

People become very optimistic when they do something bigger in life. When a team plays any sport, it is either from school level, college level, or state level if they lose a game again and again then people consider that uniform is not lucky for the sport. And here they require the need of a change of sports uniform. Sometimes they prefer to change the logo, sometimes the designs, or the overall colour. There are millions of fans in the back of a team who plays in-ground or in court. Every person wants to see their team winning the game, but when somehow they didn't succeed. They wind up with the other colour change of the jersey or redesign the jersey as they thought that the present colour might not be the luckiest if the team is not winning the game lasts from 4-5 times.


Depends upon the season or weather

There are few games which are played in an open ground. And sometimes the players have to move some other place for matches. And thus the present jersey might not suit the environment where they went to play. On that note, there’s a need to change the fabric of the jersey. As we see a sportsperson have to relocate to different places for their gaming schedule, sometimes they required some other kind of fabric to make fit around the surrounding. So, here the need come to redesign with Custom Jersey for the players.


To create an impact near the opponent team

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Sometimes one team prepared itself to defeat the opponent team psychologically. The effect of colours does affect the other person of the other team sometimes. This is why people choose different and intense colour rather than their opponent team. This is one of the reasons to change the jersey again. Other than that, if one team is not winning what they are playing, then make the notion that might be after redesigning the jersey impact the opponent team. As well as own team will feel refreshed and new.


To make refresh impressions

Sometimes to make a refreshing impression near the audience, sports jersey can be changed. If the team is playing the game on an average level like sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose the game. And this causes the audience to give less attention to the team. But if the team seems wearing a new jersey then automatically the audience starts giving attention to the team again. This becomes another reason to change the jersey as per the requirement.

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