Create the Ideal Third Custom Jersey

Create the Ideal Third Custom Jersey

Puzzling about your teams' third custom jersey design? Like they say "Third time is a charm" to custom jersey for your team that you can fill in for either the home or away gear. Every big league teams have their third jersey so why shouldn't your school team have one. 


Here are a few things to keep in mind while you customize a sports jersey for your team's third jerseys.


  1. Use a neutral colour

Neutral colour is captivating when used with the right colour combo. In the early 2000s, black jerseys were the go-to colour of all third jerseys which were making fashion statements, the next decade sports fashion was followed by cool greys and silvers colours. A timeless piece of colours are always hues of black and grey. 

Custom Sports Jacket

As the home team goes for a lighter colour jersey, light grey is a good choice of colour for your custom home jersey design. Just to be on the safer side check your sports league's guidelines to ensure you don't need to wear white for your home games.


  1. Get Creative with Logo

Swap out your logo for something similar such as your mascot or you can maintain the same colour of the logo and get creative with a fresh logo design for your team.

Custom Jersey

Remember Simplicity is iconic. Go for simple logo design, the ones that your fans or spectators don't have to crack their heads open to understanding. You can also connect your school's history or your town to your third custom jersey. Instead of going with your mascot animal try putting a logo of an element that your town is famous for such as a lighthouse or is famous for its railroad history. Take a walk back to history by bringing the glory days of your team, make your third custom jersey the same as the one that the former members of the team wore and won a massive victory


  1. Flip your colour scheme

Switching Colour Schemes is a fun way to custom a jersey for your team, swap your uniform's primary colours with your accent colours. Suppose if your current uniform holds red and white with blue stripes, make your alternate jerseys a bold blue with red and white trim.


  1. Go big, go loud, go bold

Sometimes bold colours can go all the way because bold colours stand out and no one will ever walk past a game and not know who's playing. Make your colours as bombastic as possible. Red becomes candy apple Corvette red. Green becomes metallic green. 

If you aren't certain with the design for your teams' third custom jersey, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we'll walk you through the process. Our talented In-house Designers at Colourup Uniforms will help you out with the best designs