Artwork Specifications


Please read through details for design files. 

Remember: If your files do not meet our specifications, your product may be printed incorrectly. 

If you do not supply artwork which matches our requirements, we will ask, you to resupply it or we will contact you for the resolving this matter before production. 

Best File Formats: Usable Vector Files

1. Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files or .eps files with all fonts converted to outlines. Note: Changing the file name extension to .ai or .eps does not change the file type.

2. Vector PDFs

Acceptable File Formats: High-Resolution Raster Files

Raster files should be the same size or larger than the intended imprint area on your product. Images should be at least 1200 pixels in width or height, but some larger products may require a higher pixel count to achieve an optimal print.

1. .eps or .tiff format at 300dpi resolution

2. .jpg, .tiff, or .png files that are high resolution (300dpi or more)