7 things to Consider When Ordering a Uniform for your Gym Staff

7 things to Consider When Ordering a Uniform for your Gym Staff

Want to design gym staff uniforms and showcase your brand? There are tons of ways you can custom sportswear for the business purpose this not just allows you to showcase your brand but will also unite your work staff and present a professional, approachable image to your customers.

Gym wears aren't just for show. Your gym trainer is not going to stand there all day long. so choosing new gym workwear comes with a lot of consideration because it is not just about selecting a colour and adding your gym name. With Online Custom sportswear features it is assured that you’re getting the best value for your money and boosting your marketing efforts while you’re at it.

Here is what experts put together as a guideline for first-timers custom sportswear for your gym staff 


Gym Workout

Remember your environment also adds to the look and feel of the image of the gym wear that your staff will be wearing. Where will your gym staff be at  – on the gym floor, behind the reception desk, indoors, or outdoors? Three key points are to look comfortable, functional and presentable no matter what task they’re doing. Climate also plays a vital role when it comes to customizing sportswear for the gym, if you offer outdoor classes or training sessions consider the summer and winter 


Custom Sportswear

Consider looking for uniform provide where they have separate sizes for male and female. Getting the right fitting for your gym wear is very crucial as it should be functional, supportive of the body movement, ability to regain the fabric shape after a workout


It is important to look professional and what more way can you do that than to get your brand logo printed or embroidered into the gym uniform. Choose a colour that will compliment your logo and brand colours 


The right fabric for the right gym wear is the ideal match, consider the task/role of your staff members. For a receptionist, polo shirts might be more suited,  for giving consultations a vest will be the more appropriate garment for the gym floor. Pair up your uniforms with leggings, track pants and shots to ensure the entire uniform matches and to check you can still workout at ease

Print Methods

Getting the wrong printing method can be disastrous so remember not to go overboard with your print choices and remember that less is often more! For example, If the job role/position you'll be printing for is personal Trainer, Manager etc. it should be placed on the back of the uniform, at the top. Print the name of the individual member of staff just over the right chest. Note: provide the printing image with eh right pixel quality so that the printed text is readable

Fabric Types

Consider the job roles of staff members before deciding on the type of fabric for your custom-made gym wear. Fitness Instructors needs gym wear that is functional, flexible, comfortable, moisture-wicking. Fabric such as polyester, spandex, elastane is widely opted for by fitness instructors and gym trainers as it enables physically active staff members to stay fresh and comfortable for longer than when wearing more traditional fabrics.

Ask for a mock-up design of the custom sportswear you are going to place an order for your gym staff, try them on to know if it fits right, supports body movements, checks for visibility of logo and text prints

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