Choose the Right Cheerleader Uniform for You

Choose the Right Cheerleader Uniform for You

The look of the game day cheer uniform is crucial! For beginners, it can be a lot to take when choosing the necessary gear for your cheer routine that’s why Colourup Uniform is here to help. Starting with basics, You will need separate uniforms for practice and cheer day. Here what you should know before Customizing your Cheerdance Uniforms

Practice Gear

Practice gear is mandatory for every cheerleader. Because you just can’t do a routine full-out in street clothes, and uniforms are not for practice.

A Cheerleader needs short-sleeve tees for conditioning sessions and other indoor practices, while long sleeves are great for blustery outdoor practices. Colourup Uniforms are flexible, supportive and comfortable enough to get those much-needed reps in, and it's made of moisture-wicking fabrics will help keep them cool and dry.

Colourup Custom Cheerleading Uniform

Presentation is important in cheerleading so it's important to have a good pair of cheer shoes. It’s best to have one pair just for practice, and another pair just for performances.

There are brands out there selling position-specific cheer shoes for bases, back spots, and flyers. But if your cheerleader is new to the sport, they might not know what position they’ll be asked to take up. In that case, parents should look for sneakers that are supportive and comfortable enough to jump, dance, and perform aerobic moves in.

These shoes should also offer good grip on the soles, to prevent slipping during routines– particularly the stunting and tumbling portions.

How to know if a pair of shoes will work for cheering

  • They’re in the cheerleader’s proper size. Not sure of their size? Now is a good time for them to get a professional fitting


  • They’re supportive. A cheer routine isn’t perfect until it’s been practised again and again– and again. All that repetition can take a toll on the feet, but supportive shoes can soften the blow


  • They’re flexible, lightweight, and breathable. Heavy shoes are uncomfortable and hard to be nimble in

Lastly, you’re going to need a sturdy training bag to put all your gears in. Make sure it's easy to carry and big enough to easily fit a uniform, a pair of socks and shoes, a change of clothes, and any warm-up gear they may not want to wear on the way to the performance.

Gameday and Pep Rally Cheer gear

Colourup Custom Cheerleading Uniform

In many cases the coaches or equipment managers for cheerleading teams are responsible for picking out the Cheerleaders Uniforms, and here are a few things to have on your check-list. 


  • Don't break the Dress Code: Know what your team or school’s guidelines, the dos and don’ts before ordering


  • Two main components of a Cheer Uniform: Tops tend to be sleeveless or long-sleeved, comes in a variety of torso lengths. Bottoms are usually either pleated skirts or spandex shorts. In the case of colder climates, leggings are used


  • Believe it or not but Cheer Socks are Super Important: It has a huge part of your performance attire. Pair it with a pristine pair of cheer shoes it creates a clean, neat look. Remember, to choose comfortable and moisture-wicking cheer socks to keep feet dry and cool when it’s time to perform


  • Warm-up to Avoid Cold Routine: Warm-up period is crucial as this will ensure that cheerleader is not going into their routine cold. If you are going be performing in the cold, gear up with warm-ups like jackets, hoodies, and other sweats are necessities. Hats, scarves, gloves, and fleeces also come in handy.  You can also personalize these warm-ups with their name to give them the extra boost and shine


Team spirit gear

Colourup Custom Cheerleading Uniform

Coaches on the sidelines have to show their team spirit too. Seeing their coach believes in them gives the squad that extra boost of confidence to really nail all their marks in the clutch. Usually, coaches of competitive teams will centre the season around a “theme.” Customize a slogan on a t-shirt that will unite the squad. Your slogan shirts can be part of the squad’s practice look, or they can be a casual pregame look suited for school halls.