How to Create a Custom Sportswear for Business

How to Create a Custom Sportswear for Business

Custom business wears help you boost confidence and morale in the workplace, it helps promote your business in ways no other promotional merchandise can. Custom Sports Uniform and clothing worn by staff members form an integral part of how an organisation is perceived by its customers. The way in which members of staff present themselves is extremely important, from personal trainers and fitness instructors to wellness advisors and receptionists. Thus, making it crucial to thoroughly planning and customizing business wear. Here are some key factors to consider when ordering fitness uniforms and professional outfits for your staff.

Finding a Good Business Wear Uniform Supplier

Finding a good, reliable supplier to custom your sportswear is arguably one of the most important tasks when ordering business wear. When it comes to picking the right sportswear material for Custom T-shirts and Custom Polo shirts for business wear, it is recommended to choose garments manufactured from sports performance material such as Polyester based custom sportswear, which is renowned for its durability, comfort and breathability. Other fabric types for sportswear are Spandex, Polyamide and Elastane, all of which have their own unique characteristics adding to the appeal of choosing T-shirts and polo shirts made from Performance material

After some research done on the uniform company about the quality of their product and that they will use the appropriate print application. We would suggest that you check the following:


The Custom Sportwear supplier has a professional-looking website and social media presence.

Customer testimonials on the site and that examples of personalised apparel and uniforms are displayed.

The company has supplied clothing to similar fitness businesses and organisations.

A Mock-up of the custom sportswear is available so that you can inspect some of the items prior to placing a large order.


Custom Sportswear to wear as Business Uniforms

Custom Sportswear

There are a number of options to consider when deciding which type of garment would be suitable for your members or staff. We would recommend that when choosing clothing for both men and women separately as sometimes unisex fitting may not be the right fit for women.

Opt garments that correspond with other team members and make you look not just professional but is stylish too. Job roles may also influence what type of apparel should be worn as part of the staff uniform. For instance, a technical type T-shirt may be appropriate to wear for a fitness instructor or personal trainer, whereas a polo shirt may present a more professional image for reception staff. And for bottoms, male fitness staff members might wear shorts and female sales advisors, leggings. 


Customise Your Business Wear Uniform

Custom Sportswear

Customising is the next step in the creation of your staff uniform is crucial to the success of staff presentation. Custom Uniforms usually consists of printing your company logo, details and, in some cases, staff names, onto garments. Making sure that your logo will reproduce well can prove to be the most challenging aspect of the printing process. Traditionally, logos are printed on the left-hand side of the chest. The key factors to take into account when reproducing company logos are:


The right size of the text in the logo. A Very small text will not be seen by your customers and looks unprofessional. Get the requirement from your uniform supplier about the standard width for a logo before going ahead with the printing process.

The picture of the logo must be of high quality, logo designs should be high resolution and at least 800 x 800 pixels in size 

That your logo does not consist of lots of effects such as fading and shadowing. In general, these types of logo do not reproduce as well as single or dual colour designs. 

Since they use Design your own Sportswear feature online, this allows you to flick between apparel options, thus enabling you to find the garments which coordinate best with your logo design. 


Placing Your Order

Now all that is left is to review your custom sportswear and place your order. Get the detailed summary of your order to include mock-ups along with details of their pricing terms so you can have a preview of your product before placing the order. The process of ordering your Business wear does not have to be an arduous one. Now that you have a proper guideline to order custom sportswear you can create a professional and stylish uniform that not only complements your fitness brand and company but one which your staff members are very proud to wear.

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