Custom Softball Wears and Softball Rules


Softball as a sport, whilst it has similarities to baseball, is its own unique, dynamic game with many Australians participating in the game each year. Softball is a high intensity, fast game played between two teams of 9 players, commonly played on a pitch smaller than that of baseball. 

Much like baseball, a match is played over 7 innings with teams alternating between batting and fielding each time a team goes “out”, therefore, the duration of a match can vary greatly.

Theoretically all members of the team bat and field, but pitching is the role of specialist pitchers. A batter is the person who must strike the ball and run. Once they run around and reach the home plate without being given out then it is scored as a run.

The fielding team can prevent the batsmen making runs by pitching the ball so the batter cannot hit it, catching the ball or tagging one of the bases before the batter can reach it when running.

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