Top 10 Football/Soccer’s Most Anticipated Jerseys for 2020/2021

In the midst of everything going on globally, which has unfortunately seen a lot of football kit reveals get pushed back, let us show you the Top 10 jersey designs from our ColourUp graphic design team to look out for when football/soccer is back on our screens!

10. RB Leipzig Third 2020/21

The Red Bull-owned German team usually rock the brand colours of white, red and yellow, but for their third jersey for next season, they will be wearing a blue graffiti-inspired jersey with orange detailing, in a unique street wear inspired piece designed by Nike

9. Belgium Home 2020/21


Adidas has designed several wonderful Belgian football designs in the past. However, this take on their home jersey, which was supposed to debut at the UEFA Euro 2020, takes the cake with a modern brushstroke sash design, effectively using all three colours of the Belgian flag with the yellow detailing. We look forward to seeing Eden Hazard and the team run out in these stylish kits.

8. Real Madrid Third 20/21

Whilst they may be best known for their classy all-white ensembles, Adidas has come out with a striking black and hot pink design for Real Madrid for next season, with a distressed print pattern through the black base of the jersey. This keeps in line with a large number of black alternate kit designs for Real Madrid over the past few years, but this one is our favourite.

7. Liverpool Home 20/21


Having bounced between a number of kit suppliers over the last decade, leading to a range of wild and sometimes underwhelming designs, this will be the first season Nike takes the helm for Liverpool and it’s a strong debut showing. The perfect shade of red for Liverpool, whilst introducing the retro teal-green colour to accent the design marks both a fresh start design-wise for the European (and soon-to-be English) champions, whilst throwing back to glory days of past for the club.

6. Netherlands Home 2020/21


It’s hard to go wrong with orange and black, and in the decades that Nike has designed jerseys for the Dutch national team, they’ve nailed it just about every time. For the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament, the Netherlands will be wearing a sharp all orange kit with black detailing and to top it off, a geometric lion head pattern sublimated and embossed into the base of the shirt. All class, in our opinion.

5. Paris Saint Germain Fourth Kit 20/21


Paris Saint Germain are at the forefront of jersey design just about every season, and ever since they have become the cross-collaboration through Nike with their Jordan brand, it’s gone to a whole other level. If it was up to us, we’d have all four Paris kits in this list but we will stick to one that stands out – their fourth kit, inspired by the Parisian sunset, with a beautiful pink and purple gradient pattern makes this one of the more unique designs we’ve seen. The line between jersey design and art just gets blurrier.

4. Germany Away 2020/21


Blackout jerseys are becoming more and more common, often used as an anniversary or celebratory kits these days, and it can get a bit stale. Not for Adidas with their take on the German away jersey for the Euro 2020 tournament, it just works so well with the German flag colours along the sleeve cuff and the retro collar and shoulder cut, throwing back to the 90s, it’s a flawless kit perfect for both on the field and the streets.

3. Inter Milan Home 20/21


Another shining example of Nike thinking out of the box with a classic design, this all-class kit for Inter Milan uses a striking zig zag pattern along with a vibrant shade of blue to create a dazzling kit for the Italian greats, whilst giving strong vibes of the classic 2010 “diamonds” design. This will go down as one of the greats.

2. FC Barcelona Home Kit 20/21

Again with PSG, if we could we’d probably have all four of Barcelonas kits for the upcoming season on this list. However, we have stuck to just one and it’s the most important of all. Nike’s design for the Barca home jersey this season feels like a true Barcelona jersey as opposed to some of the more “out there” designs we’ve seen over the years. The red and blue stripes are classic Barcelona, with yellow pinstripes and detailing showing off the club’s Catalan pride.

1. AS Roma Home 20/21


It’s almost impossible for us to go past the AS Roma kit by Nike as our most anticipated jersey design for next season, with the throwback pattern across the chest as per the 1980’s jersey, considered one of the best of all time. It’s simple, it’s sharp, it’s Roma. We love it, and we can’t wait to see more of it. Faultless.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about our most anticipated jersey designs for the 2020/21 season, and I look forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments. If your football club, whether it’s a social futsal team, a local junior football team, or a seniors club, we at ColourUp Uniforms would love to help you. Sporting apparel is our passion and we love designing bespoke, unique jersey designs. We’re all about high-quality products at low prices, so feel free to check us out at