The Perfect Fit Custom Jersey

The Perfect Fit Custom Jersey

How to get the perfect uniform fit? It’s one of the questions we get asked the most around here. How do I size my players? 


  1. Perfect Body, Perfect Uniform FitRequest mock-up designs of the custom jersey is a great way to get a few of the items you’re purchasing onto your players to see how they look and feel. Experts advise on how to use sizing samples to make sure every player in your next order has just the right fit.Custom Jersey
  2. Bigger is (Almost) Always BetterIf you are ordering for your teen players where players may still be growing, if a player seems to be between sizes, you’re generally going to be better off going with the larger size because it is always better to have a slightly loose uniform than one that restricts movement on the field of play.
  3. Manufacturer MattersEvery manufacturer has its own sizing and material fit. Some times XS Custom Jersey fits perfectly to an S it is common to find fighting where some tend to run large, some run small, and some run true to size. Never want to assume that the sizes of one manufacturer will be equal to that of another. Luckily the experts at Colourup Uniforms are knowledgeable about this sort of thing, so we’ll be able to guide you.Custom Jersey
  4. Your Preference vs. the Athlete’s

    Looking good is not the only to be focused on when it comes to Custom Jersey, your athlete may prefer a shorter, tighter look, but your Preference - Perfect Uniform Fitperson paying for the uniforms should also have input. Never buy a uniform based on how the uniform looks when the athlete is standing still. Instead, have the players raise their arms, twist from side to side, bend down, squat, and stretch to see how the uniform holds up to a little action. 

  5. Different Fabrics

    The fabric of the material of your custom jersey has its own functionality. Custom Uniforms of the same size made by the same manufacturer may perform slightly different depending on the fabric used. Some materials have more stretchability and give more than others. You can Reach Us to get all your queries sorted by our In-house Designers.


Here at Colourup Uniforms, we make sure every player on every order has the perfect uniform fit, so please reach out to one of our representatives to start getting ready for next season now.