Necessary Items in a Soccer Uniform

Necessary Items in a Soccer Uniform

Soccer players all know what rules will result in a whistle, a yellow card or a red card not much thought is given about the rules that govern the kits they wear on the pitch. Everyone knows about the socks, but what are the actual requirements and standards for soccer uniforms?

What are the necessary items in a soccer uniform?

At the broadest level, uniforms need to make it clear which players are on which team. The teams cannot wear similar colours such as royal blue vs. navy blue, brick red vs. scarlet that could lead to confusion by the players, officials or fans. The entire uniform - jersey, shorts and socks - cannot have more than four total colours.

The goalkeepers’ uniform must be distinctive from the rest of the team’s. Thus, this gives you the opportunity to get creative and design a uniform that captures your team’s culture and personality.

The jersey can be either short-sleeved or long-sleeved, and most leagues allow players to choose which they prefer to wear in the game. If the player wears an undershirt, the undershirt should match the colour of the jersey.

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The jersey number of the player on the back should be 8 inches tall, and if you decide to put the number on the front, as well, it should be 4 inches tall. The players’ names or the name of a sponsor can go above or below the number on the back and soccer uniform designers have the option of putting the number on the shorts.

Depending on your league’s rules, you may be allowed to have a sponsor logo on the front of the jersey or on the sleeve. Be sure to check the rules to see what is permitted, and to ensure that your proposed shirt sponsor doesn’t conflict with any of the league’s sponsors.

The shorts will normally match the shirt, although they may also be a solid neutral colour like black or white mostly when the shirt has stripes. 

Finally, there are distinctive socks that cover and secure the shin pads in place. Usually, if the shirt and shorts are one colour, the socks will be a different colour. If the jersey and shorts are differently coloured, then the socks may match one of those items or be a different colour. Depending on the colours in your team’s logo or the team’s history, you can design a full kit - jersey, shorts and socks - that captures your identity and legacy.

Notes on sizing soccer uniforms

At Colourup Uniforms you can choose from a range of sizes for all genders and age groups. For kids and teens sizes we offer from 2 years old to 16 years old. For Men, sizes range from XS to 7XL and for women we have XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL, 4XL.

Standard sizing does not always mean the same thing from one apparel provider to the next. Plus, some players may “measure” at one size but prefer another.

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If you are designing and ordering the jerseys for your team, be careful about the measurements and what the players want. Make sure they know what they are saying when they tell you M, XL or whatever else. Then, before you order, have everyone confirm their choice so they have one last chance to make sure they give you the right information and you wrote it down correctly. We recommend taking care of all of this in-person, face-to-face to avoid any mistakes or miscommunication.

Designing and buying soccer uniforms can be a daunting task, but it can be fun to know that everyone who sees your team will admire your work. Our team will work with you to cut down on the time, money and frustration you may have encountered before so you can get back to what matters: the game!

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