Important Factors of Custom Cheerleading Uniform

Important Factors of Custom Cheerleading Uniform

When it comes to choosing the right cheerleading uniform, there are different factors to take into consideration such as style, colours, fit, quality, durability, price, art, adding Accessories, team, buy-In. 


Design a uniform that fits your team style and personality. You can explore various styles like classic, retro, flashy or trendy. Cheerleaders want a uniform that’s going to look good and make them stand out on the sidelines or on the performance floor. Finding the right style will help to build your team’s identity!


A major factor when designing a cheerleading uniform is the colour. Make sure that you don't misrepresent your school by wearing a uniform that doesn’t incorporate your school colours. Colourup custom uniforms have options that allow you to incorporate colours that aren’t available in stock uniforms. You don't need to worry about not finding the exact colour you need colourup uniforms will support you.


Designing a uniform that’s going to compliment all of your cheerleaders is a crucial part. Consider the form of cheerleading your team does: sideline, all-star, or stunt. Do a trial run before bulk ordering and ask for a few different sizes so you can have each member of your team try them on to get a good visual of how the uniform will fit your team members.

Quality and Durability

Colourup Custom Cheerleading Uniform

When it comes to sports uniform quality and durability is everything and Colourup Uniforms assures you with the best. Your uniform can withstand the wear and tear of washing, drying, cheering at games and performances so you don't have to worry if your cheerleading uniform will last the entire season.


Everybody has concerns with budgeting for the uniform, you don’t want to overspend and you also don’t want to underspend on a uniform. Colourup Uniform avails you the best quality uniform at an affordable price range.


Art helps in positive representation of your school and team. Go with flashy, blingy, or colourful art will definitely be a head-turner, but classic designs will stay relevant for years to come. It’s important that the art you design goes well with the style of the uniform.

Adding Accessories

The end result on your team should look cohesive.  When designing your uniform, you should consider how you will accessorize and complete your look. Cross-check with these factors such as "does the uniform have a matching crop top or will it match your current crop top? Also, will it look good with your bows, poms, and shoes?" A well-accessorized uniform will make your team look sharp!

Team Buy-In

Colourup Custom Cheerleading Uniform

Eventually, your cheerleaders are the one who will be wearing the uniform, so it’s a good idea to get their input. Make them feel part of the team, they will feel confident cheering on the sidelines. You can also get feedback from senior cheerleaders or team captains who are a valuable resource when choosing your team’s look.

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