Custom Hockey Jerseys

Custom Hockey Jerseys

Get a vintage look with modern performance fabrics and design

If you are looking for ways to get creative while designing custom hockey jerseys, the area around the neck offers an abundance of opportunities for creativity and team identity. A vintage look for your team is a great way to start your game seasons. Here are a few details you’ll have to decide on while designing custom hockey jerseys for your team for that old-school vintage look.

Custom Hockey Jerseys Necklaces

Custom Hockey Jersey Necklace

We all know players take the laces on their skates very seriously, what about the laces on their jerseys? Necklaces are the part of the jersey where you can get creative to your heart's content. Back in the days when they referred to hockey jerseys as hockey sweater (Since back then jerseys are made of heavy wool garments to keep the players warm), these necklaces had a functionality, giving the player enough of a neck opening to pull the sweater over whatever other layers and primitive protective equipment they were wearing, allowing them to tighten up the neck to help them stay warm. Nowadays, hockey jerseys are built to dissipate heat rather than trap it. Hockey jerseys are made of performance fabrics, just like other sports jerseys. If players need to stay warm, they can wear performance undershirts to keep heat in, while the jersey is breathable and loose to allow for easy movement and moisture removal. Players don’t need necklaces or any other features to insulate themselves, but the necklaces do give them the vintage look. While customizing your hockey jerseys with necklaces, you can have laces that are the same colour as the neck trim, others that match the main body of the jersey and some will go for a contrast colour. Check with your league’s uniform regulations to ensure that they do not have any rules against necklaces, or about the total number of colours, you can have on a uniform. Explore with different designs in the neck area when customizing your hockey jerseys. Not just with necklaces, you can decide among several styles and colour options such as hockey jerseys that come with or without necklaces, come in a V-neck, Squared V-neck, which is like a hybrid of a crew neck and a V-neck, but these have not caught on widely and opinion among hockey fans - and hockey uniform fans - is mixed

Which custom hockey jersey features are right for your team?

Custom Hockey Jersey

Have a budget in mind? - You can match the look at the cost and the assured quality. Custom Jersey has a wide selection of performance fabrics and printing options for hockey jerseys. Send us your design or you can visit our website to design your own customized uniform. We also have our talented in-house designer who will assist you to find the right design, features and price so your players can take the ice looking sharp, with enough money left over for the post-game celebrations.

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