Can the Colour of Your Custom Jersey Help You Win?

Can the Colour of Your Custom Jersey Help You Win?

Your team’s jersey colours can boost team spirit, bring in unity, and a sense of identity, but the outcome of any game is not determined by the colour of the jersey. Clearly, not all teams that wear green lose and not all teams that wear red win.

Having a best-featured jersey can make a difference in the performance of your team. A great jersey is the one that supports you throughout your performance and makes your team look good. Here's a check-list of features you should look for to give your team a competitive edge in the upcoming season.

Prominent Custom Jersey Features

Colourup Custom Sports Jersey

  • Breathable Material: Nothing tire players out more than a jersey that isn’t breathable. Cool, dry airflow keeps the players from exhaustion. Over sweating will give players a hard time concentrating or even feel faint from heat exhaustion. Lightweight uniforms made of breathable material let players breathe and easily move while playing by helping air circulate.


  • Durable Design: If you are designing a contact sports uniform. Then, it is a given rule to have sports uniform that can even withstand a hurricane. Poor quality uniforms made from cheap material can often tear, split, or stretch after just one use. This can be a huge hindrance to the game, the players and the team's budget. Don’t let anything slow your team down choose high-quality uniforms which are wear-and-tear resistant, tough against dirt and sweat, and long-lasting so that players can push their performance to the next level without reaching their jerseys’ limits


  • Moisture-Wicking Movement: Regular sportswear materials can trap moisture and make players feel even sweatier, but sports uniforms made out of moisture-wicking material rewards players for stepping up their game. Players can sweat all they want to bring home the trophy and they don’t have to worry about getting damp, soggy uniforms overstretching in competition. The highlight of moisture-wicking material is that it pulls moisture away from the body so it can easily evaporate


  • Flexible Fit: Opting for a material that is stiff and tough can be a blunder as it will constrict the players' movement during the game. Your Team’s custom uniforms should move with your players, not against them. It should support players in reaching their full potential in the game. Always remember to choose flexible material which will stretch with each movement and easily snap back into its regular shape. This allows teammates to easily make the plays that make a difference.

Custom Team Jerseys That Elevate Your Players

Colourup Custom Sports Jersey

Colourup Uniforms bring durability and comfort to every player’s uniform. Design your jerseys with the best colours and patterns to represent your team, while giving them the flexibility and breathability to take on whatever challenge lies ahead. To start building uniforms that look, feel, and perform exactly the way each player needs them to, customize your own jersey or you can use our talented in-house designer.

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