Can Custom Sportswear speed up your weight loss and muscle building?

Can Custom Sportswear speed up your weight loss and muscle building?

Sportswear has dominated not just the entertainment industry but also the fashion industry. Every celebrity, influencers and supermodels have embraced the trend. Apart from it being on the trend, it makes us feel like we have the image of someone living a healthy lifestyle.


With more people claiming to be benefitted from the use of Custom Sportswear, speculations started - people are curious to know its effects on the body and about the whole sportswear effect on the mind. Is it all in the mind or does it really improve your workout regime?


The Mindset

“Do the clothes we wear to influence our behaviour and our way of thinking?”


According to a study in 2012, the answer is definitely yes. This brought about a term called “enclothed cognition” which defines the mental changes our mind undergoes when we wear a particular type of clothing. The volunteers for this study were brought into a lab with either being given a lab coat or not being given one and those who wore lab coats showed better performance quite significantly.


Whether it’s an event at the gala or an important interview when you dress up for the occasion it certainly brings out the best in you similarly, when you dress like an athlete, you’re more interested in being fit. Here are some factors to consider when Customizing Sportswear.

The Material of your Custom Sportswear

Colourup Uniforms Custom Sportswear

Before hitting the gym you usually go for sports apparels because you feel that it aids you during the workout. This is actually true since our body changes shapes as muscles expand and contracts sports apparels help you last longer and support your body into getting it to the shape you want it to be.


  1. Nylon

    Originally, nylon was used to make women’s stockings, this is why the synthetic fabric is extra soft like silk. It is soft and moisture-wicking breathable material that’ll keep you cool and dry so can work out longer because you’re more comfortable as you feel less sweat on your skin.


    Nylon is very durable it can also withstand even the sweatiest of your workouts and has immense stretch and recovery. Now you can break into your tough workout regime without having to think about how your apparel is going to get through it because your pants will move with your body as it goes through intense workouts while remaining flexible and comfortable.

  2. SpandexThe stretchiest of all fabrics is spandex with the power to stretch 600 times more than its size, it allows you to put in a limitless range of motion and still goes back into place. It is a moisture-wicking, highly comfortable, no chafing, breathable material that’ll keep cool and dry which is why it’s a true staple in tight-fitting exercise clothes.
  3. Polyester

    The majority of work out fabrics and even casual wear has polyester in them and that is why it’s very popular and gets easily pass off both in the gym and on the streets. Wrinkle-free, durable, lightweight and breathable material that is perfect for you to work out to your heart’s content without feeling restricted.


    It also repels UV rays so it’s a great option for running and outdoor activities and it can insulate you even when you’re wet so it’s a great option for any active plans you have.


The Style of your Custom Sportswear

Colourup Uniforms Custom Sportswear

Now that we’ve covered the materials to choose for Custom Sportswear, let’s get into the second part of it - The Style, Size Fit of your Sports Apparel which ensures a better workout and better results.


Custom tips for Sportswear Tops 


Colourup Uniforms Custom Sportswear tops such as polos, t-shirt, singlets, jerseys are made of light, stretchy fabrics and will keep you cool and lengthen your endurance and won’t limit your mobility. Make sure it is not loosely fitted, run a size fit check when designing your own sports shirt find the perfect fit so that it won’t get in the way and you won’t feel it, especially when running and other exercises with lots of motion.

Custom tips for Sportswear Bottoms


It isn’t necessary to buy bottoms that match their top, the only factor to consider is to select something that will feel light, comfortable and breathable and won’t limit your mobility. Whether it’s Custom shorts or Custom pants it should be tight so you’re at ease in movement.

To ensure a sound mind in a sound body it’s always necessary to set workout goals to attain a healthy lifestyle and what better way to do that than to have your very own Custom Sportswear in your wardrobe, specially designed for all your different work out regime with Colourup Uniforms