Top 10 Best NBA Basketball Jerseys of 2020

Here at ColourUp, we live and breathe basketball, be it locally or globally. Many of our designs are inspired by NBA teams, be it past or present, with such a wide range of iconic designs over the years. So, as chosen by our design team, here’s our pick for the Top 10 Basketball Jerseys of 2020.

10. Los Angeles Clippers City Jersey

After a massive offseason, acquiring the services of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, it’s all looking up for the often-overlooked Clippers. This year’s City Edition jersey takes inspiration from the West Coast rap scene with a sharp word mark and a touch of the club’s colours of red and blue.

9. Boston Celtics Icon Jersey

What’s not to love about this Celtics jersey? It’s an all-time great, a beautiful shade of green representing the Irish heritage of the city with the name proudly displayed across the chest. Sure, it hasn’t changed much in a long time, but it hasn’t needed to.

8. Golden State Warriors Statement Jersey

With a move from Oakland back to San Francisco this season, the Warriors have embraced this with a beautiful Statement Jersey with a design of the San Francisco Bay that connects the two cities. Plus, the gold and royal blue just work so well together.

7. Houston Rockets City Jersey

In the past few seasons, Houston has embraced their Chinese heritage with some classy City jerseys but this season takes it to a new level. Paying homage to Houston being the Space City, this astronaut inspired jersey features fonts and details that relate to NASA and their spacesuits.

6. Utah Jazz Classic Jersey

Tough to pick between the City and Classic jersey, but this throwback to the classic 1990’s Jazz jersey just feels right. Everything about it – the over the top graphics, the colours, and the fonts just scream the 90s, but in a good way. The glory days of basketball.

5. Chicago Bulls Icon Jersey

Couldn’t leave the most iconic basketball jersey of all time off this list, especially with the popularity of The Last Dance. It’s simple, it’s classic, it’s iconic and the red, white and black work so well together. It will always be Michael Jordan’s jersey even if he hasn’t played for decades, and it will always have a spot in any “best basketball jersey” list.

4. Toronto Raptors Classic Jersey

The reigning NBA champions had to make this list and it was a very tough decision between the Classic and City jerseys. In the end, the throwback to the original Toronto home jersey takes the cake, with the classic raptor graphic across the front and the uber 90s design, fonts, and colours making this a standout.

3. Miami Heat City Jersey

This is now the fourth in a range of Miami Heat “Vice” jerseys since the move to Nike, and it has not disappointed. The cyan and pink scream Miami, with the word mark taken from their home arena driving home the point of the City jersey.

2. Memphis Grizzlies Classic Jersey

So glad to see this back in the NBA, it’s a beautiful jersey that like the Raptors classic, screams the 90s. Worn by the Grizzlies when they were in Vancouver before the move to Memphis, this jersey features First Nations inspired designs along with the colour and cuffs, with a striking word mark across the front and a beautiful teal base. One of our favourites.

1. Los Angeles Lakers Icon Jersey 

An all-time iconic jersey, worn by some of the best, including the late Kobe Bryant. This had to make it to the top of our list, even if you don’t know basketball you know the Lakers, and this jersey is classic Lakers with the return to the round neck. RIP, Kobe.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about our favorite 2020 basketball jerseys, and I look forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments. If your basketball team requires custom uniforms, we at ColourUp Uniforms would love to help you. Sporting apparel is our passion and we love designing bespoke, unique jersey designs. We’re all about high-quality products at low prices, so feel free to check us out at