6 Tips to Keep Your Custom Football Jerseys in Tip Top Shape!

6 Tips to Keep Your Custom Football Jerseys in Tip Top Shape!

Put a football team together, Check! Custom Football Jersey for them, Check! Now, you may be wondering how to take care of your custom Football Jerseys so they stay vibrant and tough the whole season.

Colourup Uniforms' Custom Football Jerseys are made with high-quality fabric that is tough and resistant to ripping and tearing. The designs and colours are there to stay since these are sublimated jerseys thus the designs which are embedded in the fabric. Here are some tips you can share with your players for washing their custom Football Jerseys to ensure they stay in their best shape throughout the season.

1. It’s best to wash them immediately after use

Colourup Uniforms Custom Football Jersey

After a great game, there comes celebration and we all know the where the jerseys' are going - lay draped over the back of a chair or balled up in the bathroom hamper overnight after a big game. While your custom Football Jerseys will be fine even if you let them sit overnight but if your jersey has sustained some stains, it's going to be a tough battle to get that stain out of the fabric and not to mention the unpleasant smell. It’s best to go ahead and throw them in the washing machine as soon as you get home. When you are giving your all on the field so is your custom Football Jersey. All of our custom sports uniforms have quick moisture-wicking properties. Your custom Football Jersey is designed to redirect sweat and keep you cool and dry throughout the game. After all that hard work, it definitely needs a good wash!

2. Wash by hand or in the washing machine on the gentle cycle Washing

Custom sports uniforms with moisture-wicking properties need a little bit of extra care. The cold water will keep the sublimated colours bright but will also prevent the fabric of your custom Football Jersey from wearing out prematurely. Always opt for mild detergents. Do not use chemicals such as fabric softeners when you’re washing your custom Football Jerseys, as these chemicals might create a coating on top of the fabric which will compromise its moisture management performance. If you prefer to hand wash your custom Football Jerseys, do not wring the jersey tightly to dry it, as this could cause it to lose shape. Squeezing it gently to remove excess moisture is fine, but do not squeeze too tightly.

3. Use a garment bag

Tossing your custom Football Jersey in a garment bag before you put it in the washing machine can offer valuable protection. Even though your custom Jersey is resistant to ripping and tearing, Sometimes when it Is mingled in the washing machine with your other gear that has hooks, velcro, zippers, or anything else like that, it can cause some damage like pilling or it can accumulate fuzz.

4. Use vinegar or baking soda to eliminate odours

Instead of using heavy detergents and chemicals to eliminate the heavy-duty odours that come with your sports uniform after a big game day, add a cup of vinegar in the bleach dispenser of your washing machine. Then let the washing machine do its job. Vinegar helps to fight off all the bad odours without leaving your custom Football Jersey with that pungent vinegar scent, we promise. Instead, your Football Jersey will smell clean and refreshed once the wash cycle is done! Nothing takes care of odour like baking soda. Puzzled on how to get rid of the really bad smell, like when you left your custom Football Jersey enclosed in its own stink in your gym bag over the weekend, throw in ½ cup of baking soda and that should take care of it!

5. Do not dry your custom Football Jerseys in the dryer

While you can put your custom Football Jerseys in the dryer, on the low heat setting, it’s best to let it air dry on a drying rack. The heat of a dryer can cause the elasticity in your custom Football Jerseys to wear and lose that hold. Football gear like shoulder pads, when dried with heat it has the risk of losing its shape.

NOTE: If you do need to put it in the dryer, in a pinch, don’t use dryer sheets as this can break down the fabric quicker.

6. Dry with a hairdryer on the cool setting to prevent wrinkles

Custom Woman Football Jersey

If you do notice you have issues with wrinkling when you air dry your custom Football Jersey, or you need to dry it quickly, you can use a hairdryer on the cool setting. It shouldn’t take long for your custom Football Jersey to dry, since it has moisture-wicking technology anyway, and it will prevent wrinkles

Now all that said there only one final thing to make sure of - Bring your A-Game to the Play, CHECK!!

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