4 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Sports Uniform

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Sports Uniform

Custom T-shirts represent your team apart and make your players look professional and boost the identity of the brand. However, these Customized Sports Jerseys will be of no use if they don’t fit right for the players or have unavoidable mistakes with them.

Here is a list of things to avoid and consider while designing a professional T-shirt for your brand, without wasting time, money and resources.


Colourup Custom Sports Uniform

Typing errors can be disastrous even a single typing error on all sports jerseys can turn the whole of the uniforms bunch, useless. Wrong font type may result in making the written quote unreadable. Always proofreading before printing it helps in not only avoiding lots of problems but also set you aside from embarrassment.

Nowadays, advanced technical innovations enable you to witness the realistic digital portrait of your team sports uniform before production. Such techniques avoid us from small but significant faults like misspellings even before a single T-shirt is made.

Ensure Quality of the Image

Low-resolution images result in poor image quality after printing. One of the most common mistakes that people usually made while designing their customized sports jerseys. While submitting art files, people often neglect the quality of resolution and pixels. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to check the quality of the image or font before finalizing it. You should have enough information about the pixel quality and resolution details to assure a crisp print.

Plead a sample

Colourup Custom Sports Uniform

This sounds quite easy to walk into the store, select a design and request for 300 uniforms made. However, before giving a bulk order of your customized uniform, it is highly recommended to first ask for an example of the proposed T-shirt.

It is a recognized fact that asking for a sample proof of the work, before ordering a complete set is always necessary and beneficial. With a sample before production, you exactly get to see beforehand how the final design will look like. This will avoid any possible mistake and repeat the whole process over again.

Misfit size

Custom sports uniforms are supposed to be worn by the players regularly. Hence they must be comfortable. Moreover, for any attire to be comfortable, firstly it must be of proper size. An ill-will fitting T-shirt not only sounds unprofessional but may also affect the efficiency of the players.

Such errors may also occur if you assume that a free size will fit all. It is not necessary that the same size will work for all members of the team, as everyone may have a different size. To avoid this, keep at least three free sizes that an individual can choose from as the fitting of any uniform is most important.

If you are planning to order a custom team T-shirt, Sports uniform can be your ideal destination. We deliver consumer-friendly services besides excellent quality, customized uniforms.

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